About Shawn Boday

ShawnBoday2Shawn Boday, a business professional, and entrepreneur in the real estate field, has always exhibited diligence throughout his career. Determination, hard work, and the will to succeed are only a few qualities that Shawn Boday embodies in his everyday life. From his career to his personal life, Shawn pours passion into everything that he does. 

Before his starting his real estate company, Perday LLC, Shawn Boday attended the University of Washington. The University of Washington is said to be one of the leading public universities. As of 2018, the University of Washington has been ranked where 14 on 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities. At the University of Washington, Shawn studied computer science. After attending college, he materialized his passion for web development and initiated a successful web development company. 

In this role as an entrepreneur, Shawn Boday was able to marry his academic success in a business setting, allowing him to improve and better shape his clients’ experience in the digital space. Shawn used his extensive skills in areas such as aiding in the web development process in order to successfully meet performance goals on behalf of his clients.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Shawn Boday decided to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. This time however, he dived into the real estate industry. As Shawn became more familiar with real estate investment, it resulted in the creation of Perday LLC, a real estate and land development investment firm. The firm was built on the notion that everyone, no matter where they come from, deserves to live in a home that encompasses is classified as three things; comfortable, affordable, and properly constructed. From office buildings to retail space, to residential and industrial infrastructure, the team at Perday LLC aims to help contribute to the improvement of the overall development of the area.

The success of the Perday LLC real estate started with a dream and the strong will and determination of its founder Shawn Boday. Before the company flourished into the success that it is today, Perday LLC started with a single purchase of a building 11 years ago. From that point onward, Perday LLC has seen great success in relation to the company’s overall growth moving forward.

Perday LLC is currently based out of the Pacific Northwest. Both Shawn Boday and his team have a strong understanding of the area and what great culture it has to offer. The Pacific Northwest is well known for its spectacular beauty as well as its abundance in natural resources, due to this it has received a lot of attention.  In recent years, the Pacific Northwest has received an influx of new residents. States of the Northwest are among some of the fastest growing states in all of the country. In the latest census, it was revealed that the region is gaining people more than doubled the number of residents in other states. In just one year, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho gained over 200,000 people. 

As new people move into the region, more and more businesses begin to make themselves a home. MOD Pizza, Bizible, and Lenora Systems are just a few of the fastest growing companies that have emerged out of the Pacific Northwest. Shawn Boday and his team at Perday LLC make it their goal to work with companies likes these by providing them support while they grow within the community. By seeking out local developers in the area, Perday LLC helps to find additional inventory across all areas in real estate.

With such a positive influx in the real estate market, Perday LLC has expanded its ventures to encompass other states, towns, and areas within the continental United States. Already, Shawn Boday has already invested in several markets up and down the west coast. Perday LLC’s real estate ventures include areas such as Northern Idaho, Seattle, Cheney, and the Spokane markets. In terms of their extensive project portfolio, both Shawn Boday and his partner share investments from 37,612 sq ft mid-rise office buildings in downtown Seattle to apartment complexes with over 2,200 units.

As mentioned before, the Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful scenery. From its green forests to its picturesque mountains, the Pacific Northwest is well liked by all nature lovers. The team at Perday LLC recognizes the beauty and therefore goes out of their way to preserve nature as much as possible. Shawn Boday and his team work alongside experts and real estate developers to ensure they are doing everything they can to protect the environment. In the real estate industry, many developers put concerns of the environment to the wayside, and in the process destroy valuable environments. Perday LLC often works with activists to guarantee that they taking in the landscape and surrounding nature into consideration when developing real estate. 

When not at work, you can find Shawn Boday spending his free time outside in nature. Shawn has an appreciation for the mountainous landscape that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and takes advantage of it. As an avid skier and snowboarder, Shawn enjoys participating in this winter sport in areas such as Mt. Baker, and Mission Ridge. However, his personal favorite is Crystal Mountain. Crystal Mountain is a remote mountain and alpine ski area just outside of Seattle. It is one of the largest ski resorts within the state of Washington and is well known for its high-speed year-round gondola.

When snow isn’t on the ground you can find Shawn Boday participating in other outdoor sports such as golf. You can find Shawn playing on a variety of courses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Some spots you can find Shawn playing a round of golf include Chambers Bay in Washington and the University of Idaho. This golf course, in particular, has held many competitions from the U.S. Amateur in 2010 and the U.S. Open in 2015. The University of Idaho golf course is near the Washington border, which has a state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator. The simulator has captured the attention of many golf lovers up and down the Pacific coast, including Shawn. The way that the University combines the sport with technological innovation, is something that Shawn finds to be innovative and unique.

A lover of technology Shawn Boday has gained an appreciation when it comes to online video games. When he’s not spending time outdoors, you can find Shawn playing World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Both of the games require its players to channel a great deal patience and mental strategy. The games are widely popular and well-loved within the online community, and for good reason! As Shawn Boday plays World of Warcraft or League of Legends he is exposed to the more creative aspects within the digital technological sphere. Plus, it is a great way to increase communication skills, puzzle solving, and critical thinking. 

If Shawn Boday is not hitting the slopes, on the green, or playing video games, he is spending time with his family. When he gets the chance he loves to travel to new places to experience new things. Since Perday LLC is based out of the Pacific Northwest, Shawn Boday spends a great deal of his time the region. While in the area, he spends time with his family and explores many of the region’s natural wonders and sights.