Surfing Vs. Snowboarding


Snowboarding and surfboarding are two sister sports that many believe are very similar to one another. While that may be true, the two sports also contain a few key differences that would make it somewhat difficult for someone to transfer between the two sports. Below we will examine the key similarities and difference between these two boardsports that have grown so much in the previous years.




Both snowboarding and surfing require a boarder to balance themselves on their boards. In order to participate in either sport, a boarder must master balancing. Balance is essential when not only standing still, but when moving as well.



Snowboarders and surfers need to wait before riding. Surfers often need to wait among masses of other surfers before hitting a wave, while snowboarders often need to wait to board a chair lift or hit a slope. Both require waits to ensure that someone does not get hit while a boarder is riding. Riders in both sports are very careful not to cut someone off and disturb their line.



Paddling versus Chair Lifts

To ride the waves, a surf boarder needs to paddle out to the wave and time their movements with the wave. On the other hand, a snowboarder has to take a chair lift to the top of a slope in order to ride the mountain. Though both involve some sort of preparation in order to hit a line, the preparation required for both are different.



Both sports require balance in order to stand on the board, but surfing requires a different kind of balance. The water, underneath a surfboard is already moving, which can make it difficult to stand up straight. Standing on a snowboard is somewhat difficult to the slipperiness of the ice and slopes, but the ground does not move as you try to maintain your balance on the board.


Though the snowboarding and surfing share their similarities, they have major differences that make it somewhat complicated to transition from one to the next. Both sports are great and teach essential skills in balance and general riding. Therefore, getting better in one of the sports may make it easier to transition to the other.


Best International Destinations for Snow Sport Enthusiasts

If you’re a serious winter sports enthusiast, you know that great destinations are worth some travel time. Traveling to great winter sports locations can be incredibly rewarding, offering world-class facilities and the ability to see places you might not have otherwise. If you’re starting to plan your next big trip, read on for some suggestions on where you might want to consider booking tickets to.


Hokkaido, Japan


Japan isn’t often thought of as a haven for snowboarders and skiers, but those in the know consider it a top destination. Hokkaido, the country’s northernmost island, is located in the path of consistent weather conditions that provide it with a constant supply of fresh snow. Better yet, the snow is known for being incredibly dry – perfect for winter sports. The island is home to a few great resorts too, so getting comfortable after a day of activities is easy.


Wanaka, New Zealand


Visiting New Zealand for a winter sports vacation is an experience like no other. The resorts are open snowfields, meaning that there are no trees to block the sightline. It feels like skiing or snowboarding in an endless sea of snow! This incredible sight is only furthered by the other natural wonders in New Zealand. Volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls are all only a short drive from where most of the resorts are located. Better yet, lines are often short since the resorts are generally not too crowded.


Whistler Blackcomb, Canada


Whistler Blackcomb is an absolutely beautiful place to ski and snowboard. This location is a great place for everyone, as it offers groomed runs for beginners and more adventurous tree runs, cliffs, and open bowls for experienced athletes. It’s an absolutely enormous area, so visitors can ski and snowboard somewhere new every day. Whistler Blackcomb is also home to the largest vertical drop for any resort in the world.


Verbier, Switzerland


Verbier is a freeriding paradise. Accordingly, it attracts many extreme riders, but its luxury also attracts families and more casual athletes from around the globe. It’s known around the world for its unrivaled terrain, making it pricier than some other locations. However, this also makes for a lively, international clientele, as well as thrilling spectator events. Consider planning your trip around one of these events to really get the most value for money.

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