Real estate development is a popular career and past time for many entrepreneurs. Although the financial success is a tempting reason to enter the real estate market, developing land or office space requires a special skill set. Beginners have many questions about financing, permitting and regulations, and other aspects of real estate development. Luckily, there are tons of resources that provide sound advice and answer many common questions. Listed below are a few of the time tested favorites.

Real Estate Development: Principles and Process

This text written by Mike E. Miles provides a thorough overview of real estate development. Based on an academic perspective, this resource provides a general understanding of real estate development basics.

The Real Estate Game: The Intelligent Guide to Decision-Making

In this comprehensive resource guide, William J. Poorvu draws from his vast array of life experiences. Poorvu served as an educator at the Harvard School of Business for nearly three decades and has been in property management and development for more than four decades.

Property Development for Beginners: A Beginners Guide to Property Development

In this well written collection, author Steve Chandler offers a realistic look at the benefits and challenges of choosing a career in real estate. He provides pointers and additional resources for serious investors.

Raising Private Capital: Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People’s Money

Matt Faircloth is an accomplished real estate investor and published this resource outlining some of his most successful tactics. This title is geared toward current investors and serious beginners. Faircloth primarily focuses on fundraising and other financial principles of real estate development.

Professional Real Estate Development: The ULI Guide to the Business

In this textbook style resource, authors Richard Peiser and David Hamilton provide information vetted by the Urban Land Institute. Through a variety of case studies and valuable insight, this resource covers the basics of residential and multifamily properties as well as office space, retail, and industrial real estate development opportunities.

Making it in Real Estate: Starting Out as a Developer

John McNellis provides a true nuts and bolts overview for beginners in his latest educational title. He helps readers turn their ideas into reality by providing his expertise on topics such as leadership, turning down an opportunity, and taking risks.