About Shawn Boday

ShawnBoday2 Shawn Boday, a business professional in both the technology and real estate fields, has always exhibited diligence throughout his career. After graduating from the University of Washington, where Shawn studied computer science, his passion for web development initiated a successful web development company called Accretive Technology Group.

In this role, Shawn Boday was able to marry his academic success in a business setting, allowing him to improve and better shape his clients’ experience in the digital space. Shawn used his extensive skills in areas such as aiding in the web development process in order to successfully meet performance goals on behalf of his clients.

The success of the Perday LLC real estate business could only be possible with the strong partnership of both Shawn Boday and his partner. From the single purchase of a building 11 years ago, the real estate duo has seen great success in relation to the company’s overall growth moving forward.

As their real estate ventures continue to expand to other states, towns and areas within the continental United States, Shawn Boday has already invested in several markets on the west coast. Perday LLC’s real estate ventures include areas such as Northern Idaho, Seattle, Cheney and the Spokane markets.

In terms of their extensive project portfolio, both Shawn Boday and his partner share investments from 37,612 sq ft mid rise office buildings in downtown Seattle to apartment complexes with over 2,200 units.

An avid skiier, Shawn enjoys participating in this winter sport in areas such as Crystal Mountain, Mt. Baker, and Mission Ridge. His personal favorite, Crystal Mountain, is a remote mountain and alpine ski area just outside of Seattle.

Shawn Boday also takes part in activities such as traveling and playing online video games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends. This allows him to be exposed to the more creative aspects within the digital technological sphere, while also participating in outdoor sport such as golf. Some spots you can find Shawn playing at are Chambers Bay in Washington and the University of Idaho golf course near the Washington border.

When Shawn isn’t skiing or plays video games, he spends a great deal of his free time in the greater Seattle Metropolitan area where he not only spends time with his family, but also explores Washington state’s many natural wonders and sights.